The University of 515 Media

The University of 515 Media

Check Out Our Tutorials Section!

Hello to all you fantastic all business owners!

If you are just getting acquainted with our services and are thinking about working with us, we are proud to announce our new tutorials section on our company site. We plan to offer a variety of tutorials and how-to guides for both our clients and visitors on this page in the coming weeks and months.

Feel free to check back frequently and see what we are teaching. If you have never before worked with WordPress, or are new to setting up email clients, pointing domains, navigating the minefield of hosting or want to learn some useful online business tips regarding search engines and social media you can expect a lot of great information here. We expect to eventually have many helpful videos for you to browse, all free of charge.

Upcoming Client Portal

A bit later on this year we are planning to build a great new client portal. Our clients will have access to a special, customized area with personalized tutorials that are catered toward their media and websites in a new client portal.

We know the web can be a scary place, and are looking forward to helping your navigation experience as painless as possible!

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