Meet the Team Behind 515 Media


Our Message

We are a team of passionate and innovative designers and developers who most of all pride ourselves on customization, creativity, and dedication to our clients’ goals. 515 Media pushes the boundaries of a traditional branding agency and helps business owners and entrepreneurs realize their dreams, much as we have.

The name “515 Media” comes from the toughest rock-climbing routes in the world. Only a small handful of climbers can master this ultimate level of sport-climbing (5.15). We feel that our name describes the work we do perfectly. Coloradans are a strong bunch and we strive to reach the pinnacle of our potentials. We want to help you climb to the summit of your potential as well. Not all of us are literal mountain climbers, but those of us who aren’t bravely scaling the Rockies every weekend still have the spirit!

Mike Lazear

Eric Black

Chris Cockreham