Getting Known Media

Work Performed

  • Full Website Development
  • Paywall and Subscription System
  • UI Design
  • Training and Tutorials
  • Content and Internal Page Structure
  • Business Consulting


Bernett is the owner of Getting Known Media, which will host two distinct but contiguous literary blogs with content dedicated to South Brooklyn and the Catskill bungalow colonies.

She came to us upon the recommendation of another literary/art site, Jewish Currents. Bernett wanted a compelling website that would attract writers and visual artists looking for a place to publish their work, and readers looking for this particular content.

This type of website requires a solid paywall, fresh design, attractive callouts and featured pieces positioned strategically. First, we helped Bernett clarify and crystalize her online vision. We consulted with her on how she envisioned selling her work, the purchase process and leveraged appropriate technology for the upcoming website.

We also took her existing website and converted it from a static HTML-based pages into a full, mobile-responsive professional WordPress-based site with an excellent UI.

While the website is still in the development stage, Bernett is currently accepting submissions and queries and granting access to the interior of the site to a select group of authors prior to the upcoming launch date. The service we have provided Bernett since 2015 has been in consulting, training on WordPress and answering her questions related to website security and functionality. We are excited to launch the fruits of our labor very soon!

From the Client

While my website is a work in progress, I can now say with conviction that I can’t imagine undertaking its creation without Mike Lazear at 515 Media. He has been my go-to guru, mentor, counselor, protector and supporter. I have revealed to him my fears, my ignorance, my visions and frustrations. I credit him with the very actualization of what I wanted: a professional and compelling virtual destination that is administratively, editorially and user-friendly, and securely password-protected until such time that I feel comfortable monetizing it and placing a secure paywall around it (which he will also handle, I’m sure, with his trademark aplomb).

If you are investing your heart, soul and dollars in a project, don’t you dare put it in anyone else’s hands.


Getting Known Media Website (Coming Soon)