Revolutionize Your Conversion Numbers with Our New Business Plans

After an exciting year of planning and perfecting our long-standing managed website hosting plans, we are proud to announce the launch our new Business Website Management Plans for our clients! These services are available for all 515 Media clients effective immediately.

These exciting new plans also include the brand new Platinum and Diamond plans which are a must for business owners who are serious about understanding their traffic patterns and supercharging their conversion rates. These new plans include custom Google analytics interpretation, advanced tracking and will give business owners a leg-up on knowing what content will help increase sales.

How Will These Plans Help My Business?

In addition to giving your website an unprecedented level of security, speed and stability, the higher-level plans are directly designed to help you increase sales. These are not just hosting plans for your sites any longer!

These plans work by utilizing Google Analytics to show how visitors are reaching your website, their activity patterns and how long they are spending engaging with your website content. The information obtained in these analytics reports can be directly customized to help you build new calls to action and sales funnels. This information is invaluable in helping you customize your content that will bring in traffic targeted to convert sales. In other words, no more random visitors to your site who click on one link and then leave your site!

Great! Can I Still Keep My Current Hosting Plan?

You can keep the current plan you are on if it is working for you. The current plans still cover any services you have already been receiving, and we plan to support these plans for at least another year. If you have pre-paid for an annual plan you may upgrade at any time (you’ll get a discount from what you’ve already paid) or you may stay on your current plan.

Another advantage of being a 515 Media client is that our older plans aren’t going anywhere any time soon for our long-time clients.

How Do I Sign Up for a New Plan?

You may sign up directly at the main Business Website Management Plans or Contact Us here. Either way, we will get you set up right away, and begin helping you really take a deep dive into driving conversions!

Why YouTube Matters for your Business

When it comes to marketing yourself or your brand online, being able to form a genuine connection is vital to reaching your audience and generating potential business through your content.

It’s no secret that videos are currently the most popular type of content on the on the web today. If you can effectively demonstrate your brand’s products or services through video content, you have the upper hand when it comes to gaining new business.

Online platforms such as YouTube are an excellent and creative outlet for marketing in today’s media centered environment. If you haven’t thought about using videos to market your business, it’s time to consider adding YouTube to your online strategy. It will help boost your SEO, build your traffic and expand your social reach online.

Here are 5 reasons why you need to start using YouTube for your business now:

1. YouTube has a Massive Global Audience

A recent Business Insider article revealed that YouTube has a monthly audience of 1.8 Billion users and “that’s just the people who are logged in.” This number is inching closer to Facebook’s 2 Billion monthly user count. In terms of search engine use, YouTube is ranked second behind Google. No matter who your audience is or where they are located, they are most likely using YouTube to search for and view video content.

2. Boost Your SEO: Google Owns It

Google, the world’s number #1 search engine, acquired YouTube in 2006. In recent years, YouTube has become Google’s most popular service, edging out Gmail. Because Google owns YouTube, there is a built-in advantage for SEO, as Google favors businesses that utilize their tools. Essentially, this means that videos from their platform will have an upper hand in ranking high within search results. In fact, many prominent YouTubers use it to effectively assert themselves on the first page of Google search results.

3. YouTube Videos are Easy to Make

You don’t need to an expert videographer to make a YouTube video. For beginners, you can get away with making videos with the built-in camera on your mobile device or laptop. Although your picture doesn’t have to be perfect, your audio should be loud and clear. The one thing that commonly drives away viewers is poor quality audio. In this case, it doesn’t hurt to pick up an inexpensive microphone to help boost the clarity of your audio. You’ll find that a simple upgrade to your audio will actually put you ahead of many other marketers on YouTube. Later on, as you get more experienced in this facet of marketing, you can always purchase a few pieces of equipment to make the process easier and give your videos a more professional touch.

4. Personalize your Brand to Build Credibility

Video has the power to make the interaction between businesses and customers more personal by giving an actual face and voice to the brand, which allows the brand to demonstrate their products or services in a very real way. This can allow the brand to further connect with their audience, which helps create trust and credibility.

YouTube provides a platform to show how knowledgeable you are about your particular niche or field. Providing insights and added information helps prove how proficient you are in your field and that you are a trusted resource. Showing users the behind-the-scenes aspects of your brand will allow your audience to really get to know what you or your brand stand­­ for.

5. Build a Community

YouTube is a fantastic platform to showcase your brand and create a regular audience. If your business doesn’t currently have a YouTube channel, creating a new one will allow you to tap into an entirely new audience. If people genuinely like your content, they will stick around and subscribe to receive your latest video updates. This is reason enough to create a channel for your brand that users can find and follow. By simply clicking the subscribe button, they will become part of your community.

Getting your brand or business seen and heard can be a challenge. With the increasing amount of people using YouTube to market their businesses, this platform is steadly becoming more significant than ever.

If you’re hesitant about getting your business on YouTube, don’t wait any longer. It’s time to hit the Play button on success.